Gelonade | 3.5g Sativa




Gelonade has taken over the weed scene in 2019, the home of designer weed is in their bag with this 2018 winner for Cannabis Cup’s Best Sativa flower. The bag appeal of this product is amazing with green and purple hues you’d expect out of something descendant from Gelato. There’s also an overal tinge to it with a pinkish color flirting with your eyes a bit. The structure leans more to the Gelato side with its denser, tight nugs compared to Lemon Tree which is usually a lighter, more airy nug. As soon as you crack the jar you get a pungent aroma from the Lemon Tree citrus terp background. It’s not until you begin to break down your bud that that you get that classic Gelato funk with it’s more skunky notes. Even Pepe Le Pew could find love with an eighth of Gelonade from Connected Cannabis.


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