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Marijuana Delivery – Long Beach

Long Beach – Choose your favorite marijuana and cannabis products, including locally sourced brands of flower, prerolls, cartridges, edibles and more, and simply wait for them to arrive at your threshold in about an hour.

Weed delivery in and around Long Beach, California – with all of the amazing ways to spend your day in Long Beach, avoid the traffic and hassle of going out to the dispensary. Instead, let the dispensary come to you! If it’s your day off, you’ve got better things to do, like walking down to the water and hanging out by the Aquarium of the Pacific, or checking out local art and restaurants downtown. One of California’s largest cities, Long Beach is a friendly community with a smaller-town vibe.

Whether you’re planning a big afternoon or a quiet day at home in Long Beach, Lifted and Chill delivers your cannabis quickly, discreetly and with as little hassle as possible.

All of our products are approved by the State of California and are laboratory tested and certified for compliance with current state laws.

Weed Delivery – Begin Here

Marijuana delivery across the city of Long Beach is entirely legal and incredibly easy. We are proud to offer a wide variety of California’s best certified and approved cannabis products, including pre-rolls, cartridges, edibles and concentrates. We provide free delivery that includes a simple way to track your order. Every effort is made to get your order to you within an hour, though traffic will slow our budtenders down the same as anyone else.

Marijuana Delivered Directly To You

Weed delivery is growing in popularity across Southern California, which has always been an epicenter of culture and quality for marijuana in the United States and around the world. Recent improvements and advancements to marijuana products are changing the way people use cannabis, making it more accessible to people who enjoy and benefit from its use. We offer a huge variety of lab-tested and certified marijuana products from California and other parts of the country. Browse our menu, make your selections, and let us dazzle you with the speed, discretion and quality of our weed delivery service.

Marijuana Delivery Service – Seven Days A Week

Premium Marijuana Delivered To Your Door In Long Beach, CA

We deliver premium, lab-tested and certified cannabis products to people who live and work in Long Beach every day of the year. We deploy a dedicated team of professional and pleasant mobile budtenders for Long Beach. As a delivery dispensary, we serve most of Los Angeles and Orange County with free marijuana delivery service. To begin, simply login to your account, or create a new account. Then, add the products you would like to your cart and proceed to checkout.

The process is simple:

  • Select your Products and Complete your Order

  • Check your Text and Email, and Track your Order while you Wait

  • Answer your Door and say hi to your discrete, unlifted Budtender

  • Get Lifted and Chill

*Delivery is always free, and executed professionally & discreetly.

**We accept Cash & Credit Cards

Marijuana Delivered in Long Beach

Weed delivery is very convenient in Long Beach. A beautiful community with a great local scene and so much more that makes it a fun place to be, Long Beach is a great place to celebrate great friends and beautiful days. Cannabis products, including concentrates, pre-rolls, carts and edibles, are available every day of the week in Long Beach, delivered to your home.

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